Difference Between Meat and Halal Meat

According to Islam, before being butchered, Allah’s(God’s) good name should be pronounced over the meat as a show of gratitude. Then an animal is slaughtered in one quick cut to its throat to assure its blood is strained from its body. It is because customs state that blood can be harmful to the person and must be avoided.


Whereas on the other hand, animals that are not slaughtered by religious means are butchered in a number of ways. Poultry, for instance, is stunned before being butchered by a machine, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bigger animals, like cows, are shocked former to their throats being cut. So generally, the normal meat which is prepared for human intake is by using different sorts of stunning method compare to halal meat which is being made by Muslim law of producing halal meat.

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