Process of Preparing Halal Meat

Muslims are only permitted to eat meat that has prepared according to Islamic laws. AFIC has strict guidelines with regards to Islamic slaughter. Those conditions are:

  • The slaughterer should be a right-minded adult Muslim. And they must utter the name of God before executing the cut to emphasise the sacredness of life and also the animal killed for food with God’s approval.
  • The animal ought to be killed by cutting down the throat with one smooth motion of a razor-sharp knife.
  • The cut must split around two based on the throat, and the two blood vessels on both sides of the neck. The spinal cord must not cut.
  • Animals must properly serve be fore being slaughtered, and they must not look at other animals when executed.


  • The animal must be suffered to bleed out and be entirely lifeless before additional processing.Some authorities claim that the animal killed this way does not suffer in case the cut is made rapidly and efficiently, since it loses consciousness before the brain can feel any agony: “the Islamic way of slaughtering is the best humane method of slaughter and that captive bolt stunning, practised in the West, causes 3 severe pain to the animal”

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