Halal Choices’ intention is to present information that allows Australian consumers to make informed choices about the products they purchase, specifically in regards to halal certification.

Halal Choices is not against the Muslim people but is opposed to the imposition of Sharia law (halal certification) on non-Muslims in Australia.

Products that contain a halal certified ingredient have been included in the halal certified list, in most cases, even though the product itself may not be halal certified.

The lists are correct and confirmed via email, website information or information on the labels of the products as of June 2011. This information has the potential to change without notice as certification may expire or commence without our knowledge. We will endeavour to keep the lists accurate to the best of our ability.

We have found discrepancies within the information companies may release so we have acted in good faith when publishing a company or brand on a list.  Please contact us if you feel your company or brand has been misrepresented.